May 22

MDE’s and Dominion’s discharge permit presentations posted here

People were fed up last week at the “informational meeting” hosted by the Maryland Department of the Environment. It was supposed to give people answers, but it created so many more questions — questions that MDE seemed unable to answer and Dominion seemed unwilling to answer in a straightforward way. Click here for We Are Cove Point’s account of that meeting.

People were rightfully upset about Dominion’s permit application to discharge an average of 45,000 gallons every day into a tributary of Grays Creek, which would then flow into Grays Creek, through Calvert Cliffs State Park, and out to the Chesapeake Bay at one of the most-used beaches in Calvert County.

Today, MDE’s project manager handling this permit released slides of the presentations given by MDE and Dominion. We Are Cove Point wanted to make sure these are available for everybody to see, even though they’re likely to lead to more questions than answers. As page 5 suggests, questions can be directed to michael.richardson@maryland.gov and marjorie.mewbourn@maryland.gov.

Please let us know if you write them and hear anything interesting or notable in response. We Are Cove Point can be reached by writing donny@wearecovepoint.org. We’ll make sure to keep you updated on this permit as it progresses.

Click on the link below to view (or download) the presentations:
DCP discharge permit presentation

The actual permit is posted here:
DCP discharge permit