Apr 19

Kayaktivists Deploy Banner at Tiki Bar Opening

By Luke of DC Indy Media.

On the 15th of April, the “Tiki Bar” in Solomons, MD opened for the year, drawing a huge crowd to tiny Solomons, MD. As the partying began, activists opposing Dominion’s under-construction LNG/fracked gas export plant at nearby Cove Point paddled in from seaward and deployed a banner reading “Dominion=Disaster.” This is the literal truth due to the extreme size of explosions resulting from accidents at other LNG plants, none of them in populated areas like Lusby and Cove Point.


Near the end of the banner deployment, two police boats entered the area seaward of the kayakers but made no aggressive moves.

Video shot from another kayak showing the banner deployment

Same video in full HD 1080p quality