Cove Point Protectors

There are hundreds of people in and around Cove Point who understand the necessity to protect this quiet residential area and Chesapeake Bay from the ravages of Dominion. The methane (LNG) gas export facility will poison the air, disrupt wetlands, pollute the bay and add noise, light and traffic to the tranquil surroundings. The risk of a serious chemical disaster or explosion threatens thousands of families and wild life. It is up to us, the people, to stand up to Dominion and say “No gas exports in Lusby.”

Here are a few of the people who are working to protect Cove Point:



DSC_1900Ellen Barfield “The permit for Cove Point liquefied natural gas export facility in Southern Maryland has just been rubberstamped by FERC, even though hundreds of us testified at the only public hearing begging for more hearings, more time, more research.”

Baltimore, MD • Veteran/Activist




jbetts-floodJimmy Betts: “As a cross-country ecological justice pilgrim who has spoken directly with hundreds of local communities over the past year, it is undeniably clear that global environmental degradation, the widespread health atrocities from fracking and related invasive infrastructure, and the trampling of basic, sovereign human rights by Dominion and the non-renewable energy empire, are shamelessly & criminally championed by FERC-permitted construction projects, the local militarization of public police for private corporate agendas, and the operational imperatives of ALL facilities exporting LNG overseas.  Save Cove Point, Save the World.”

30, Sentient-at-Large • Life Artist/Eco-Fiddler/Teacher


facebook_-349499879Lea Callahan “My mother purchased a home 6 houses  from The Cove Point Lighthouse right on Cove Point beach back in 1992 when Dominion was an import pretty much dormant plant. I had hoped to retire in our house but now with this 3.8 billion dollar expansion there is no chance of me even thinking of wanting to stay in this house if this project moves forward and is completed in 2017.”

Lusby, MD • Entrepreneur




arrest 12 1 14Tracey Eno “I’ve lived in Calvert County, MD 19 years. I love the Cove Point area and being close to the Chesapeake Bay. I am appalled that our local government signed a secret deal with Dominion that puts people directly in harm’s way. The risk of catastrophic accidents plus daily exposure to toxic air is incomprehensible. A founding member of Calvert Citizens for a Healthy Community, I’m devoted to doing whatever is possible to change the course of Dominion’s plans, to restore safety and peace in our community.”

45, Lusby, MD • Licensed Massage Therapist/Trager® Practitioner


Margaret2 (1)Margaret Flowers, M.D.  “Dominion’s fracked gas export terminal is a public health threat to the local community, other communities that will be exposed to fracking and fossil fuel infrastructure and those impacted by the climate crisis. It is my duty as a physician to do what I can nonviolently to stop this illegal terminal.”

52, Baltimore MD • Physician/Activist




dolphin (1)Kendall Hale “I care about humans and God’s creatures on both land and sea. The LNG terminal at Cove Point is a threat to all that I love.

Asheville, NC • Massage Therapist





image1Lee Stewart “Methane is one of the most potent forms of climate pollution out there, and its leakage from fracked gas infrastructure into our atmosphere commits all people to an increasingly destabilized world. That the infrastructure exists in my backyard, including the Cove Point refinery and export terminal, as well as the compressor station in Loudoun County, Virginia, where I grew up, gives my responsibility to act a palpability I can’t ignore.”

27, Washington, DC • Organizer/Teacher



my photo from websiteMelinda Tuhus  “I’ve covered stories all over the country of the impact of extreme energy on people’s communities and the devastation wrought by a changing climate: New Orleans after Katrina; mountaintop removal coal extraction in southern West Virginia; gas fracking in Pennsylvania; and Cove Point, where Dominion wants to build its LNG export terminal. That would be devastating for the local community and for the planet, and I’m fighting with many other wonderful humans to stop it. That’s why I’m a Cove Point defender.”

66, New Haven, CT • Independent journalist/Activist


Siri[1]Deborah Wagner “As a young person, I read Silent Spring. After more books, discussions, and actions, I understood that corporate profit motives are in opposition to sane policies for a sustainable planet. The Cove Point community is being sacrificed to Dominion’s greed and panic. This isn’t right, and has to be stopped. No gas exports!”

Brookeville, MD • Retired Nurse/Farmer




KZ 2 2013Kevin Zeese “The export terminal and refinery in Cove Point needs to be stopped because it is built so close to tens of thousands of people and puts them all at risk. Stopping the export of gas, will stop fracking and all the environmental harms that go with it. Science tells us we need to keep gas, oil and coal in the ground and stop building carbon infrastructure.The money being spent on the terminal should be spent on the transition to a carbon-free, nuclear-free energy economy. This could be accomplished by 2030 according to multiple reports.”

Baltimore, MD • Co-director, Popular Resistance