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Sep 22

Info on Oct. 2 PSC hearing for Dominion Cove Point

What is the issue? (Short, short version) Dominion is asking for two things: 1) to use additional generators to help supply power to its fracked gas export terminal and liquefaction facility in Cove Point; and 2) to throw out numeric monitoring of its emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Dominion is currently restricted by its …

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Jul 19

Weekly Rally for Safety Study: Every Monday at the Mansion

June 24, 2017 was a turning point for We Are Cove Point. After years of meeting with legislators and state officials to ask for a safety study (known as a Quantitative Risk Assessment or QRA) on Virginia-based Dominion Energy’s fracking refinery, power plant and gas export terminal being built in Cove Point, we learned that …

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Jul 03

Dozens Return to Rally at State House for Safety Study

On Monday July 3, 2017, a few dozen people gathered again outside the State House in Annapolis to urge Governor Hogan not to turn his back on the people of Southern Maryland. A week and a half ago, Governor Hogan’s office finally responded to our request for a safety study, known formally as a Quantitative …

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Jun 29

Governor Hogan: We Won’t Take No for An Answer!

You are amazing! On Monday, with very little notice, dozens of you joined us outside the State House in Annapolis to protest Governor Hogan’s denial of a safety study for Cove Point. You brought noise makers and we were definitely heard. People came to the windows to see what was the racket. We telephoned the …

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Jun 22

Gov. Hogan Refuses to Order a Safety Study for Cove Point

For the past year, residents of Cove Point and their allies have petitioned Governor Larry Hogan with a very reasonable request: order a safety study (officially known as a Quantitative Risk Assessment or QRA) for the gas refinery, power plant and export terminal that Dominion Energy, a Virginia-based corporation, is building in Cove Point. Thousands …

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Jun 09

Letter to the Editor Campaign – Gov. Hogan Must Respond to Cove Point

Dec 14

People’s Hearing Convened to Reform FERC

By Mark Hand for DC Media Group Above photo: Panel of ‘judges’ hears testimony from residents opposed to FERC’s close relationship with the natural gas industry./Photo by Mark Hand Washington, DC – Described as the first-ever “People’s Hearing” challenging the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), more than 60 speakers presented testimony on why they believe the …

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Jun 18

Where’s Our Safety Study? Sign the Petition Now.

Here are 2,381 reasons why Governor Hogan must order a safety study for Dominion’s dangerous facility in Cove Point. Tell Governor Hogan To Order A Safety Study For Cove Point Dominion is building a gas refinery and export terminal in a densely-populated neighborhood in Southern Maryland without analyzing the risks to people in the community. …

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Jun 08

LNG Has No Climate Benefit For Decades, IF EVER*

By Joe Romm in Think Progress Above photo: Steven Senne/AP   An explosive new report from the U.S. Department of Energy makes clear that Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is likely a climate-destroying misallocation of resources. That is, if one uses estimates for methane leakage based on actual observations. This is the same conclusion I reached …

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Apr 19

Kayaktivists Deploy Banner at Tiki Bar Opening

By Luke of DC Indy Media. On the 15th of April, the “Tiki Bar” in Solomons, MD opened for the year, drawing a huge crowd to tiny Solomons, MD. As the partying began, activists opposing Dominion’s under-construction LNG/fracked gas export plant at nearby Cove Point paddled in from seaward and deployed a banner reading “Dominion=Disaster.” …

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