We Are Cove Point is a coalition of people and organizations who are working together to stop a new liquefied fracked gas export terminal that Dominion Resources is building in the residential community of Cove Point in Lusby, Maryland. This is the first liquefied fracked gas export terminal that would be built on the East Coast and the first one built anywhere in the world in such a densely populated area.

The people of Lusby and allies have been working since early 2012 to determine what the impacts of this terminal would be and whether it is safe to put it in our community. Although neither an Environmental Impact Statement nor a Quantitative Risk Assessment have been done, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved the refinery and export project, and construction has begun.

For the past four years, people have rallied; visited their county, state and federal legislators; used the courts to challenge the project; and protested at the FERC in Washington, DC. Despite considerable opposition and obvious risks that this project poses to the community and to the climate crisis, Dominion is pushing forward.

We Are Cove Point pledges to reclaim Cove Point from Dominion and to fight to save this beautiful, tranquil and historic community using whatever tools are necessary, including nonviolent resistance. The reasons to stop the liquefied fracked gas export terminal are outlined below.

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The fracked gas export terminal would:

  • Emit 22.5 tons of pollutants into the air each year that would cause increased respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Dominion purchased emission credits that allow the company to expel more pollutants than would normally be allowed. Details on the permitted emissions are here: HAPs_TAPs.
  • Bring 85 1,000-foot-long tankers into the Chesapeake Bay that carry explosive materials and discharge millions of gallons of ballast water, threatening marine life and the livelihoods of those who depend upon it.
  • Require the clearing of forests that protect local streams, permanently burying 1,000 feet of waterway.
  • Emit more than 3.3 million tons of greenhouse gases each year, making it the fourth highest polluter in Maryland.
  • Use 210,000 gallons of precious water every day.
  • Stockpile toxic and potentially explosive chemicals, such as benzene, acid gases, propane and ethane, which could create a fireball that threaten the nearby neighborhood, schools and the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. There is no safe evacuation route.
  • Create noise pollution 24 hours a day, requiring a sound barrier wall as tall as a six-story building, taller than any building in Calvert County.
  • Increase truck traffic on small rural roads, which leads to more accidents and slower emergency response times for the community.
  • Drive more fracking of the Marcellus Shalefield for export to places where prices for methane are higher, which would put even more communities in the region at risk, and require more pipelines and compressor stations to be built.

There are 2,365 houses within a two-mile evacuation radius around the Dominion facility, including 19 in-home daycare centers. The people of Cove Point would bear the risks of this terminal for the sake of greater profits for Dominion.

The Marcellus Shale extends from New York to Tennessee. If the methane in the Marcellus Shale is released, it would adversely impact the climate crisis. Methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, and there is evidence that it is worse for global warming than coal.

For the health and safety of the people of Lusby, all people who live around the Marcellus Shale and all life on Earth, we must stop Dominion’s liquefied fracked gas export terminal.

Participating organizations:

350 Loudoun

AMP Creeks Council

Beyond Extreme Energy

Calvert Citizens for a Healthy Community

Chesapeake Citizens

Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Chesapeake Earth First!

Food and Water Watch

Howard County Climate Change – Follow their blog at ClimateHoward

Myersville Citizens for a Rural Community

Popular Resistance

Sierra Club, Maryland Chapter

Stopping Extraction and Exports Destruction (SEED)

Waterkeepers Chesapeake



Collective X

Fighting Against Natural Gas (FANG)

Friends of Nelson

Lancaster Against Pipelines

Marcellus Shale Earth First!

Mountain Lakes Preservation Alliance

No Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Patuxent Friends

Patuxent Riverkeeper

Rising Tide North America

Savage Mountain Earth First!

Shalefield Organizing Committee

Stop the Frack Attack

Tidewater Earth First!