Feb 26

Emissions found coming from Dominion Cove Point right now!

Emissions have been detected coming from the fracked gas export terminal Dominion is building in the Cove Point community of Lusby, Maryland. This is well ahead of even the rosiest of projected completion dates. Residents have been fighting this terminal for the past few years, many with the assumption that the air would be unhealthy …

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Dec 14

People’s Hearing Convened to Reform FERC

By Mark Hand for DC Media Group Above photo: Panel of ‘judges’ hears testimony from residents opposed to FERC’s close relationship with the natural gas industry./Photo by Mark Hand Washington, DC – Described as the first-ever “People’s Hearing” challenging the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), more than 60 speakers presented testimony on why they believe the …

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Oct 05

Gas industry execs get a very bumpy tour of Cove Point

Activists made an impact on both sides of a tour of Dominion’s export terminal at Cove Point this morning, with a lockdown onto the tour bus as it tried to leave Washington, DC, and local residents greeting it with a large banner as it came into Cove Point, Maryland. Kiewit, the lead contractor in the …

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Sep 19

Take Back the Water: From Maryland to New York, Kayaktivists Protest Fossil Fuels

Climate defenders take to the rivers to protest the AIM pipeline and the LNG export terminal at Cove Point Verplanck, NY, and Annapolis, MD – Saturday afternoon, as Spectra Energy prepared to drag its 42-inch diameter, high pressure, fracked-methane gas pipeline under the Hudson River adjacent to Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, activists boated out …

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Aug 04

UPDATE: 84 Organizations Co-sign Letter to Maryland Governor Hogan for a QRA at Cove Point

Thousands of people shouldn’t face an unknown amount of risk by the fracked gas export terminal at the edge of their neighborhoods! [UPDATE: More organizations have signed on since the letter was sent on August 4. There are now 84 signatories calling on Governor Hogan to order the QRA!] LUSBY, MD — A letter was sent by …

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Jun 18

Where’s Our Safety Study? Sign the Petition Now.

Here are 2,381 reasons why Governor Hogan must order a safety study for Dominion’s dangerous facility in Cove Point. Tell Governor Hogan To Order A Safety Study For Cove Point Dominion is building a gas refinery and export terminal in a densely-populated neighborhood in Southern Maryland without analyzing the risks to people in the community. …

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Jun 08

LNG Has No Climate Benefit For Decades, IF EVER*

By Joe Romm in Think Progress Above photo: Steven Senne/AP   An explosive new report from the U.S. Department of Energy makes clear that Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is likely a climate-destroying misallocation of resources. That is, if one uses estimates for methane leakage based on actual observations. This is the same conclusion I reached …

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Jun 01

Heather Doyle found guilty, jailed in Calvert County

Reposted from SEED Heather Doyle was found guilty today of supposedly filing a false statement after she was assaulted by Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Vladimir Bortchevsky during a February 3, 2015, action on a Dominion Cove Point construction site. On that date, Heather and another activist with Stopping Extraction and Exports Destruction (SEED) climbed …

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Apr 19

Kayaktivists Deploy Banner at Tiki Bar Opening

By Luke of DC Indy Media. On the 15th of April, the “Tiki Bar” in Solomons, MD opened for the year, drawing a huge crowd to tiny Solomons, MD. As the partying began, activists opposing Dominion’s under-construction LNG/fracked gas export plant at nearby Cove Point paddled in from seaward and deployed a banner reading “Dominion=Disaster.” …

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Mar 14

“Paddle on the Patuxent” Links Dominion With Disaster

By Anne Meador for DC Media Group. A small flotilla of activists in kayaks launched into the Patuxent River at Solomons, MD on March 13 in a demonstration of support for locals battling a liquefied natural gas facility under construction in their residential neighborhood. From the Thomas Johnson Bridge, 21 kayakers paddled by the pier …

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